Welcome to Mansfield Play Forum

Mansfield Play Forum is a registered charity that has promoted, developed and supported play since 1985.

We have recently moved to a new address; this building is far more suited to our needs as a children’s charity focusing on play. We hope this building with the advice, services and experience it contains will help it become the central point for play in Mansfield.


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Every child deserves a chance to play

Here at Mansfield Play Forum, we wanted to give every child the chance to play, get creative, and use their imaginations. Our facilities provide a safe, fun place for your children to play, with activities ranging from arts and crafts, to having races on our ride-ons! There is a large collection of toys and facilities, for children of all ages. 

We also run fun days outside, where children get to have the same amount of fun, but in the fresh outdoors! These are very popular amongst a wide range of people, so keep up to date with what we’re up to and come see what we’re all about. 

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