Welcome to Mansfield Play Forum!

Mansfield Play Forum is a registered charity that has promoted, developed and supported play since 1985.

Mansfield Play Forum’s base is well suited to our needs as a children’s charity focusing on play. We hope this building with the advice, services and experience it contains will help it become the central point for play in Mansfield.

Our Projects

We provide many resources and different types of play to ensure children get the best out of play. Inside Mansfield Play Forum we have the Resource Centre which consists of the Shop and Scrap Store, and The Toy Library.

The Shop provides affordable priced items that can be used for crafts. The Scrap Store contains waste and surplus materials that have been donated from local businesses. The Toy Library is full of various types of toys for all ages that can be rented out for 25p per toy per week.

Furthermore, different types of play sessions are provided around local areas by Mansfield Play Forum.

One of our Play Projects is Play in Schools; which includes dinnertime play in the playground where sports and activities are held, after school sessions in which crafts, games and activities are provided in School.

Additionally, we deliver Play on Parks in which Play Workers go on various different parks throughout the Mansfield area, such as; Carr Bank Park, Sandy Lane Playing Field, The Heath (Oak Tree) and Armstrong Road Park (Ladybrook). The sessions aim to provide different types of play to children who would like to get involved.

We hold Workshops at Mansfield Play Forum which help to bring the community together and teach people new skills. Our creche that runs alongside the Workshops, these are where children can go whilst parents/carers attend the sessions.

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Every child deserves a chance to play

Here at Mansfield Play Forum, we wanted to give every child the chance to play, get creative, and use their imaginations. Our facilities provide a safe, fun place for your children to play, with activities ranging from arts and crafts, to having races on our ride-ons! There is a large collection of toys and facilities, for children of all ages. 

We also run fun days where children get to have the same amount of fun, but in the fresh outdoors! These are very popular amongst a wide range of people, so keep up to date with what we’re up to and come see what we’re all about.

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