Mansfield Play Forum has continually promoted the importance of Play as central to children’s development.

In December, we were fortunate enough to be awarded a Reaching Communities grant from the Big Lottery which enables us to deliver free, open access play sessions within targeted communities.

Through our Positive Play Projects, we are better able to support and give guidance to groups, stakeholders and other parties with an interest in local communities.

Our Playworkers are on hand throughout most of the year, delivering open-access sessions which are free for all attendants.
We supply a range of activities which changes based off requests, seasonal considerations and a desire to teach new games/activities to children.

Through this project, we want to get children out of their homes and playing within their community.

Meeting new friends withing their community, can provide them with the vital life skills many of us take for granted through our own experiences of play when younger. Social skills, communication and dealing with emotional responses and are all vastly enchanted through building new relationships with peers.

The positive Play Project encourages positive behavior within the community, in using parks and green spaces for activities/games. It is hoped that through this project, we can affect some change in behavior of children/young people toward their community, and the relationship between generations and residents.


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